Monday, June 27, 2011

I made . . 'sushi'!

Wooooooo . . yesterday kicked off the season to True Blood which means I have my Sunday date night back. To make it a little better, I decided to attempt some snowcrab rolls. I was really pleased with myself! And I felt pretty frugal for doing so.

Here's what I bought:
Nori $3
Sushi rice $3
Sesame Seeds $2.79
Sriracha Sauce $3
1/2 lb of snow crab legs $3.79
1 lb of shrimp (used maybe a fourth, froze the rest) $3.99
Cucumber 65 cents
Avocado $1.50

(Also rice vinegar & sugar that I already had!)

So I only spent maybe $22? And I of course, won't need to buy the rice, sriracha sauce, seasame seeds or nori next time. So I think I did well because we normally spend about $30-40 when we get sushi! Yeyy! I wasn't even really legit because I didn't use the cute little bamboo mat. But. . really the wax paper worked great.

It was pretty fun for me. I know they are just simple, but now that I know where to begin I can experiment. I think I wanna do some tempura shrimp next time. :)

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