Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Took just Ian with me to the grocery store so we could have a little one on one time. I also let him cash in one of their piggy banks. It was his first time seeing how that Coinstar machine works & that sort of thing is right up his alley, so that was just a thrill for him.

& then he picked out the new Crayola dry erase crayons & some watercolors. (So hopefully I will have pictures of their masterpieces very soon!) We saw these on a commercial the other day and even I was pretty excited about them, loll.

& then he picked some dry erase markers for the easel he's been having. Up until now, I have not been ready for markers. Lol & I am still very cautious with them using them. Within 15 minutes they had both 'accidentally' marked my couch. >_< But little miss Chloe is quite the artist. She could doodle for hours on end. I am gonna make myself feel good by saying she gets her creativity from her mommy. ;)

'Tis all today!

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