Monday, July 11, 2011

Sometimes messy is okay with me.

There's no being cute and clean when it comes to spaghetti and my kids. But it's quite alright. Chloe was a super fuss almost the whole way through dinner and then after she was done .. she threw that smirk at me & all was better. Gah, I love my babies.

After dinner I made some sugar cookies & snuggled up with them to watch Cat in the Hat. Well, it got to the part when Thing 1 & Thing 2 tore up the house and the kids got mad and told Cat to leave. I look over & Ian's bottom lip is just a quivering away. He was like 'Mom, that's so so sad! The house just all fell apart and they told the Cat to get out.' And . . then the tears started rolling. Haha, poor boy was blessed with one huge heart. Lately, he tells me I am so pretty multiple times a day and the other morning, we were all playing around on the living room floor together and he says .. 'We just all love each other!' Haha, where did my little chubby baby go? Oh, but that's right. In Ian's words .. 'He just grew to a boy.'

Okayokay, that was my little splurge of emotion for the day. <3

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