Friday, July 22, 2011

Woooohoo for Friday!

Oh my lawd. This week felt exhausting to me. Josh put in 60 some odd hours and Chloe's sleep schedule has been whack. & then there's Ian. Mile a minute. But tis okay. Lol. Because it's Friday! & I have a boat load of energy and a big desire to clean . . thanks to my new favorite spray!

Grabbed this today & love love. So I am in the middle of doing a big thorough top to bottom cleaning so the weekend can just be . . just that, the weekend.

Picked up the buttheads a little treat while I was out too. Just heaven in a jar, is all.

& it makes me very happy that these pics were taken straight out of my camera, no flash, and it's been storming all day. Helllls yes.

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