Friday, August 26, 2011

And I'm back!

I went MIA for a bit but I am ready to blog again for my sanity. We're doing a LOCKDOWN for the month of September, lol. I guess we are nicknaming it 'No Spend September'. I really wanna see just how much money we can save if we absolutely live in the simplest form, lol. I mean, we're not HUGE spenders anyways, but I do find myself catching quite a few online deals. :X I really also, maybe even moreso, want to do this just so we can have a solid month of being home, together . . accomplishing things where they matter the most. I always have a million ideas in my head of little projects & things I want oh so badly to get to, but then there is other things that have to come first . . and getting through those set me further back and then motivation starts to slip, etc. Lol, but hopefully this month . . I can finish & BE DONE WITH my custom bow orders, open my Etsy shop, make a big Goodwill donation, sort closets, tackle my green pool (yet again), and really really enjoy some quality time with my loves. *fingers crossed* I think we can do it and I am pretty excited! I think, today, I am gonna do a little bit of cleaning & make my month long meal plan list again. It worked AWESOME for this month, so I think it's a keeper. It's so nice to simplify things so that the normal 'chores' are no longer a real chore.

& that's all for now. I'm on a mission! & I will be back with pictures soon also. :)

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