Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello 2012!

Can you believe it!? 2011 was one insanely fast year, but we are very much so welcoming 2012! This is going to a big year for us. Lots of exciting things . . mostly continuing to get my home as organized as possible so that at the end of the year we can buy our first house (eep!) and have a peaceful transition.

So with all of that .. I also posted before about how I am starting Project Life. Super excited for this! I bought three albums thinking I'd do an album for each of the kiddos and then a 2012 album. I had planned to make the first few pages in my 2012 album an introduction to 'us' and sort of summarize how Josh & I began . . and how we got to where we are. However, after I started rummaging through old pictures and memories .. I knew that a whole other album of catching up and showing how are family has grown the 7 years prior to finding Project Life would probably be a better choice. So for now, I am building myself a catch up box with all of the things I want my pre-Project Life album to include.

I am doing the box because I want to stay on top of my day -to-day 2012 album . . and this 'pre' album is all past tense so I can't get behind on it. I figured with the box of memories, I can start plugging them into my album when I have time or am all cut up on the 2012 album. I'm tossing memories from the babies in here too since I will be backtracking in their albums. So in here I have pictures, hospital bracelets, ultrasounds, movie tickets .. basically every special memory I can find that happened before now, lol!

& especially this very special memory. My concert ticket from the day Josh asked me to be his girlfriend . . awwww. I have had all of these little mementos in boxes for so long with no real home and I am so happy to be able to neatly preserve them.

Okay, so I put that aside & spent some time today 'building' a core kit to use in each of the baby's albums. I just used my Becky Higgins core kit as a template for size and picked my own scrapbook papers and cardstock to cut from. I've only just begun, but after some time .. I have a good start to get going on their albums.

I even hopped on Excel and gave making my own journaling cards a whirl. I am actually pretty pleased! These (obviously) are for Chlo's album. & you can feel free to snag them here! For whatever reason, my dimensions on Excel were just a little off. *shrugs* But basically, if you are using them in the 3x4 slots with Becky Higgins page protectors . . the sides of each card will need to be trimmed up from your printable. Here's mine after I neatened them up to fit! *pats self on back*
ETA: I made Ian's album some journaling cards too . . which you can also find here! (Forgive my lack of natural light!)

& just because .. how cute are these little die cuts I scored on mega clearance at HL! I can't wait to start sharing my layouts. :)

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