Monday, January 16, 2012

PL Week 2!

Ah, I've been a little MIA! This week was pretty basic for me, but I also spent some time getting my son's birthday invitations made up and out . . so I'll share those soon! Other than that, I have completed week 2 of Project Life. I think I love it even more this week so I am thinking it will be one of those things that I grow to love more and more as our album fills. I feel like this week I felt more confident about laying it out. I guess that sounds silly, but that first week I was all 'Where to begin!?' when it's actually really simple just like it claims to be.

I really like the way this week turned out. I loveeeee these papers. They were from the scrap kit that I showed last week. So perfect for PL. I love the colors & the weight so much!

This week I did my front & back spread, and I also added in a 6x12 of our Sunday afternoon walk. The layering like this is fun!

I used paper doilies for some added charm.

& I really love this part. It's not really special to look at or anything, but I know it will make us smile to look back at it. We finished a season of one of our all time favorite shows together so I screenshot it and I love the way in the bottom corner it says 'Watched Episode '' '' on 1/14/12'. The little things!
& I love that Project Life allows me to easily document the endless funny things my kids say. :)



  1. I LOVE how you scrapbook! Where do you get those sheets from!??!

    btw, thank you for your comment on Mini Manor! To answer your question the tea towel was made by me, and the cute chevron fabric was from Walmart for $2 :)
    Lots of love

  2. Thank you! I am using sheet protectors from Becky Higgin's Project Life! It's an amazing way to scrapbook. Very excited about it!

    & great job on the towel! I pretty much swoon over anything chevron. :)

  3. Saw your journalling cards pinned on pinterest so came over to have a look. Have gone onto Issuu but don't seem to be able to download them. Help! Love your weekly spreads!