Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I heart coupons!

So . . I am a coupon newbie. After watching 'Extreme Couponing', I figured . . why NOT give it a try? I am no pro, but I already feel like my bill has been cut a ton! I usually grocery shop at Winn-Dixie. It's closet to home and they do a ton of B1G1 deals & then you can stack a coupon on top . . for an even better deal!

Anyways . . just feel like sharing my trip from yesterday because I was proud! I went to Winn-Dixie for the bulk of my items and then grabbed a few things from Target.

Here's what I got:

& I snagged this out of Target's toy clearance. Regularly $69.99 . . marked down to $17!

My grocery trip was successful. It included two big bags of chicken breast, two bags of jumbo shrimp, a lb of ham, two loaves of wheat bread, 3 boxes of cereal & more . . as you can see. :)

All of this for a grand total of $137! At Winn-Dixie alone I had a savings of $83 between sales & coupons. At Target I managed to get a bag of shredded cheese for about 89 cents! I'm easily pleased, lol.

Woot .. that's all!

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