Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Another project . .

for my messy pantry!

It pays to have a grandma that likes to shop thrift stores and garage sales. She brought me over a set of some cute weaved baskets so I decided to put some personal touch on one and use it to corral snacks in my pantry! Special thanks to Glidden for my free quart of 'Spring Green' paint! :)

Before . .

& after!

I think it turned out cute, BUT then I went to put it in my pantry and hopefully get all warm and fuzzy inside because everything is looking nice and neat. Fail. My pantry is a hot mess! Lolol. :/

So, mission is not complete yet. I need to find some cute glass jars for all of my rice, flours, sugars, etc. I need some fun baskets to sort my boxed goods. & I think I am going to go ahead and order one these bad boys . .

For just $15, I think it will be well worth it. I can't wait to see my jars all neat on there & I can stop digging through that shallow basket of seasonings. Whoop!

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