Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Homemade pizza rolls & zucchini boats!

Nommmm. We are pizza lovers in this house. However, *sigh* with the New Year, like many many others, I am trying to shed a pesky 8 lbs or so. But most of all, I need to get back into the swing of eating healthy & also brainstorming new meal ideas for these picky children of mine.

So after doing some grocery shopping today . . I came home & decided to make a kid friendly lunch and a mom friendly lunch (although turns out .. their lunch was also mom friendly!) in one go. Homemade pizza rolls & pizza stuffed zucchini boats. I can use all of the same ingredients , but trade the flat bread for a zucchini! Easy peasy.

So I started with the kids. I grabbed these at the store. Ultra healthy & only 100 cals for a whole sheet of this. That's pretty awesome. Other flat breads I have had in the past have gotten soggy-ish in the oven and never really got a nice crispiness to them. These, however, did! So delish. I am already brainstorming other yummies for them since they are so 'diet' friendly.
& . . for my ingredients. I used some canned organic pizza sauce, but you can make your own if you prefer! I also shredded up some part skim mozarella . . and I added black olives, finely sliced mushrooms (I find that the more inconspicuous the veggie .. the more likely my kids won't even notice!), and some turkey pepperoni.

Then I slapped it all on there. I recommend spreading the sauce pretty thin since these flat breads are thin & you don't want it to end up soggy.

Once that was done, I carefully rolled it up 'long ways'. I sort of squeezed it as I rolled to give it a little pinch & keep it from falling apart. I rubbed just a bit of EVOO on top & sprinkled some grated parm. Into the oven it went @ 350 for 20 minutes (or until the bread is slightly crispy & a little golden around the edges).

While that was cooking & I still had all my pizza ingredients out . . I grabbed a zucchini, washed it well, chopped of the ends, and split it right down the middle. Next, I took a little spoon and scooped out the meat of the zucchini.

Don't throw that filling away! Instead chop it up fine and mix it in a bowl with however much pizza sauce you would like.

You use this mixture to refill your boats (I also salt & peppered my boats before filling!).

& top with topping of your choice! Honestly, these hardly need the cheese . . so I just did a little. & added some basil. :)

Into the oven these go @ 425 for about 20 minutes. & also . . out came our pizza rolls. Heavennnn.

Happy faces all around. Score.

& then momma got to have hers! Now to figure out more 2-n-1 type lunches like this!

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  1. nice! I'm just about to pin this actually, because Mike always buys that lavash bread for himself since it's pretty low carb.