Thursday, December 29, 2011

Packing away Christmas!

If you are anything like me you are just now scurrying to clean up all the leftover mess from the holidays. I swear I had a roll (or empty roll!) of wrapping paper in almost every corner of my room. :| That should not happen, right? & then there's the boxes. Oh my word , the boxes. So today . . that is what I am handling.

Also . . if you are like me {again}, then you also do not have this dreamy magazine home with a whole craft room (or even a craft closet!) to yourself, where you can do wonderful things like this.

Wouldn't it be nice to store your wrapping paper like that? For me, that's just not happening. Not anytime soon at least! We currently reside in a pinch over 1200 sq foot home .. with just essential space. So . . here is how I store my wrapping paper.

Yup! An under the bed storage bin. I really am happy with it because wrapping paper is just something that I only want to see when I have to see it. So this keeps my paper nice, slides right under the bed, and out of site out of mind. :)

You can find these fairly cheap too. I am pretty sure they are carried at Walmart, Home Depot, etc.

Easy Glide Underbed Storage Boxes by IRIS


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