Monday, December 19, 2011

Linen closet progress!

This is really embarrassing, but .. I will be absolutely real with this blog. Therefore, I am going to show you real pictures of my linen closet this morning. :X I am surely no perfectly clean, organized queen. I am only working to get there! ;)

*Clears throat* Here is my linen closet before I tackled it this morning. Sorry for the very poor lighting pictures (& even a mirror picture!), but our guest bathroom is tiny and has zero natural light. I had to work with what I had, lol.

*cringes* I know. A big hodge podge of unnecessary baby blankets, some old throw pillows that match absolutely nothing in my house, lace curtains & bath toys .. and a huge humidifier. Chaos. You can even see the storage bins I bought to begin this process, but I had just shoved them in there for the time being.

So I began . . with purging. I pulled everything out.

There was more mess that I piled on top of the sink! And why .. do we still have a Yo Gabba Gabba blanket? :| Pretty sure Ian's room has been car themed for a year now. So from there, I grabbed a bag to fill for donation. In went a big obnoxious bath toy, the Yo Gabba Gabba blanket, the lace curtains, the ugly red pillows, a few baby towels (we don't actually need 30 of them!), and some baby blankets. Why are baby blankets so hard to part with?

Then I filled those nice canvas storage bins. I used one to store mismatched towels (like our beach towels!) and also our baby towels. I used the other to hold the kiddo blankets that I did keep. I put a little bin in the closet with extra toiletries and whatnot for our guests. I moved the toilet paper and the humidifier and put them neatly under the sink. Makes more since to have the TP in reach, eh!?

Once the unneeded items were sorted . . everything just went back in nicely.

You can see I added our hamper to the bottom of the closet. It was in my laundry room, which took up the little bit of floor space that is in there. This looks much better and now I can actually move a little bit to do my laundry. Although, my next buy will probably be something similar to one of these:

I have been seeing some really nice ones at Ross, Marshalls, & TJMaxx .. for just about $25!

'Tis all for now! One area tackled. :)

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