Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas & some 'new' storage!

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! We definitely did. It was busy all day with Christmas Eve and our family . . and then we spent Christmas Day unwrapping and playing with presents the entire day. I loved every minute of it, but I am very excited to be nearing the New Year!

So . . to get back in the swing of things today, I found something to reorganize. My nail polish! It's been all crammed in this 6 year old zipper tote for a very long time. I am over it. I could never find any great inspiration on how to reorganize it though, but I am happy with what I did today! (For now at least.)

I just started with another 96 cent shoe box bin from Wally World. From there, I cut a piece of scrap cardboard to fit the bottom of the box and then covered it with a pretty scrap paper. This gave the bottom a nice flat surface, so all of my polishes can stand up right and pretty.

Next, I cut some scrap paper to make dividers to go inside of the pin. I used my new corner rounder too! ;) Paper is just cuter with round corners. I tossed those into the laminator to make them nice & durable.

Now it just so happens that my polish collection fits perfectly into this one bin at the moment. However, that will very soon change. Good thing about this idea is that these bins are small enough to store under my sink in my master bath. Plus, the dividers can just pop in and out so it's no biggie to repeat with another bin. Once I had cut out my dividers, I created some sticky labels with color groups and got to sorting!

& simple as that. Now all of my polishes stand upright. No more digging through a deep tote. Best of all . . it cost me $1 out of pocket.

Tomorrow, I will be back to post about my beloved Christmas present from Joshua. So so excited! <3

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  1. :sigh: You just made me wish for the laminator. lol!