Friday, December 16, 2011

Taking over the toy chaos!

Yes, you read that correctly. I AM getting on top of these toys, one way or another. I've tried a few different things up until this point, but no matter what our toys still felt like a mass chaos of plastic. Everywhere. Not only was it taking over my 1200 sq foot. house, but our toys were not being treated the way I want things that we spend money on to be treated. I started by weeding out toys. My kiddos are 2.5 and almost 4. Why on earth did we still have rattles? *shakes head* So, a bunch of our toys went to Goodwill! I made it top priority to break our toys down into collections and collections that could fit into bins. For some reason or another, these children love anything miniature. Hey, works for me! So all of these random big toys that never get touched said byebye! No need to cling on to things that aren't used. Time to simplify. I also feel much better 'investing' my money into a few collections that my kids adore versus a bunch of 'homeless' toys that will be a hit for a day, week, or month .. and then sit there collecting dust.

After that, I decided that having these collections of 'mini' type toys out where they could just take them all down at once and create a big jumble of mess was just not cutting it anymore. I tried time and time again to explain how we want to take care of our toys the way Andy from Toy Story does because our toys have feelings. Heh, they weren't buying it. So I bought a bunch of 96 cent Rubbermaid plastic bins from Walmart. Don't you just love that price? Then, it was on to label making!

I'm pretty proud of myself. ;)

I trimmed them up so there were no white edges. On to our collections they went.

Now {some} of our collections are currently neatly residing here. Yep. Top of Ian's closet. This may seem cruel .. but for us, it is what is working! Mommy is in control of how much comes down to be played with at a time and it keeps our little emotional toys from losing their homes. ;)

I am still new to making labels and such. Still trying to each myself, but when I figure it out a little more I will be happy to share!

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