Wednesday, December 14, 2011

DIY Magazine File .. success.

Another Pinterest win. Ah, where have you been all of my life! So, thanks to online freebies & deals . . I have magazines rolling in like crazy. I needed storage! I browsed around a bit in stores, with no luck in really finding anything I like. I didn't want to end up with a $10 magazine file that I didn't even care for. I saw from other blogs that Ikea carries a pack of 5 cardboard magazine files for $1.99. Which just made me sad . . because good ole Louisiana does not have an Ikea. I think driving to Texas for them would maybe defeat the purpose a bit, yeah? So it was on to Pinterest where I found a DIY inspiration! Using recycled boxes to cut and make your own. Sounded easy enough.

I started with picking some scrap papers for the front of my file boxes. These are for my living room shelves. I mostly have greens & yellows in there at the moment, but I decided to go ahead and add a couple other muted colors.

Fortunately (& unfortunately for my wallet), I do a lot of online shopping so boxes were easy to find. First thing I did was tape my box up nice & secure. Then I decided on my shape and got to cutting. I actually did my cutting with a steak knife (lol, I know!) and then I just neatened up my edges with a box cutter.

Then I thought for a bit whether or not to paint my boxes white, but I decided that the rough edges of cardboard would still be there and I knew it would irk me. So I pulled out some big sheets of art paper that I have leftover from college. It's really sturdy so I knew it would help the structure of the file and give me smooth edges. I would recommend poster board or something of that nature! (Or you can paint them if you'd like or cover with fabric!) So I traced around my sides, leaving some room to fold under and glue.

& tada! Smooth edges. Yes, by this time .. I was making a big mess of my carpet and smacking myself for not doing this at the table.

Just as I am getting to the part where I need to make a front to my file, UPS knocks on the door and brings me just what I was needing. :)

Now you could just as easily modge podge your paper to the front of the file. I decided that I was giddy to use my laminator, and it would make cleaning my magazine files a breeze. So that is just what I did.

Then . . after I glued my front down in place, I added a little grosgrain ribbon to the top & a laminated label. Presto! One magazine file down.

Once I have my kiddos to sleep, I will be working on my others. I plan to mix match the colors between the front paper, labels, and ribbons. I'll update again when I have them all neatly on my shelves!


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