Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mario Party!

My baby big boy is now FOUR. How does that happen!? It was so much fun this year. He is currently infatuated with Mario. So he chose his own theme without any hesitation! Pinterest was my best friend for inspiration. My original plan was to order a couple Mario themed party supplies & then mix and match with my own creativity. However . . that back fired when I did not find any Mario anything anywhere. C'mon now! It's not THATTT oldschool is it!? So I was on my own.

I was able to bring in an image for our cake idea & the bakery did a great job on that. :)

'One up' cupcakes were easy enough. The 'spots' are actually white chocolate that I grabbed from the bakery. & I printed out some little graphics to spruce up the tower.

I did ghost balloons! Thank you Pinterest. Super simple and so cute.

Chocolate mustaches. Grabbed a mold from Michael's for $1.99. Everyone had fun with these!

Even my grandma. ;)

I also grabbed some posterboard and made 'Pin the Mustache on Mario!'. He's really a simple character to draw so I did just that.

A phone picture for these . . because they were scooped up before I could take a 'nice' picture. These mushroom bags were easy peasy!

Big recommendation for those who may have a Mario party in the future. . EBAY. You can get so many very well priced favors & such. I scooped out super cute necklaces & buttons from there for .. next to nothing.

I did labels for our drink cups so everyone could write their names & then I took the same labels and added some text in MS Word to say thank you for coming . . and seal the treat bags shut with those. Feel free to use them if you like!

The turn out was great! I felt so frazzled scrambling to get everything done, but I think . . it went very well. & now . . I have a nice 4 month break before the next party. :D


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