Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pantry Progress!

There I went .. disappearing again. Not intentional, promise. But . . woooooooo my son's 4th birthday has now came and went! (I'll be making a second post to share the details!) With that now behind me I can possibly sit and breathe for a moment. So I am going to back track a little here. Last week I found some awesome plastic white bins at Dollar Tree! They always have a ton of baskets & whatnot there but I rarely find simple white ones. I love these though so I decided to put them to use in my pantry. With that .. came a little reorganizing & I am pretty happy with the progress I am making.

These little hang tags are from the $1 section at Michael's Arts & Crafts. Score! Pretty sure I'll be using these again in parts of Chloe's Project Life album. :)

So . . eh , it's not a dreamy Pinterest pantry . . yet. The bottom shelf makes me cringe the most. It's pretty mismatched & crammed. It will get there though. Also . . I need to get on to making new labels that all match! *jots on to do list*

& here you can see . . we store our garbage can & dog food in the pantry too. We don't put food in the garbage unless the trash is about to be taken out. We use our garbage disposal probably more than we should, lol! :X It would be really nice to one day have one of those cabinets with the track for a can.

& just thought I'd share this. To those of you who drink Crystal Light . . those containers make for great straw storage!

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  1. LOVE and totally stealing the straw storage!

    P.s. your pantry looks good!!