Monday, March 19, 2012


I have once again , disappeared. I was really enjoying the bit of blogging I was doing & I am ready to be back! I haven't done many projects lately because I have been trying to nail down some new routines and such. I am getting back into the swing of my bowmaking (Tell you more about that later!) & Josh has switched positions at work so this new schedule is taking some getting used to. We're going to get there though .. and then once we do I will be that much more excited for what the rest of the year shall bring!

In other news . . holy awesome weather. Gah, spring just gets me all giddy and makes me want to be more active. I've been pushing myself to do more yard work & I have to say , it feels 10x better to rest at the end of the night when you know you have worked hard and did some sweating outside. My garden has color again! Feels so good to say that since I basically abandoned it over the winter. :X The grass is fluffy and green and we are also thinking we are going to set our pool back up this coming weekend. Fingers crossed that I can keep it from turning it a swamp this year!

What else . . ah yes, Project Life. I haven't ditched it! I refuse to fail at it. I did, however, get behind. . but then I mostly caught up. Now today I have to go in and add some pictures where I had 'marked' them to go & I will basically be ready to do a huge (something like 8 weeks, oops!) update. Since I am basically caught up now, I have been doing something that is helping me stay on top of it.

I just found a printable calendar online. I keep it in reach & if something in the day happens that I want to put in PL .. I jot it down. On days when I have a picture to coordinate, I just mark a little star to remind myself to go back and print out for that day. I love this. With this, I know that even if I get tied up for the week and don't pull out my scrapping stuff .. no biggie. It's right there on the calendar & it will still be there when I get the chance to put it into my album. Simple concept, but I really felt like I hit the jackpot when I 'thought' of it, lol! I also got a few new supplies the other night.

Some fun papers! Yes, random . . but such is me.

& I have no idea why this image is rotated *sigh* but I also scored some stickers at Michael's on super clearance!

Last but not least! I have been gathering ideas and doing some planning for my baby girl's 3rd birthday! *head spins* So hard to believe that my little cuddle bug is now telling me 'Mom, not baby! BIG GIRL!' Sometimes I feel myself wishing for the weekend so we can be with my husband, but lately I have been scared by how fast time is flying by and trying to enjoy every little good memory that I can. I am super anxious and eager for us to be near time to house hunt and at the same time, I know it will mean another year in the past. Anyways, back to that party! She has chosen her own theme this year. It's been a few months since she picked it & she still has not budged .. so good thing because I am having a whole lotta fun with it already! Ballerina party! I am taking the vintage/classic baby girl ballerina route. So in love. There is so much to do with it, so much DIY, and just so much cuteness. I can't wait to share it all! I also can't wait for miss Chlo to start ballet this late summer/early fall. Ah, it really is going to be a good year.

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