Monday, July 30, 2012

Oh hi!

Hello hello  . . long time no see!    Yes, I know.  I abandoned my blog.   >.<     In my defense, since my last post we have initiated a lot of changes to come for us this year!    So I have been pretty consumed by my ever growing to do list.     We are currently under contract on a new construction house!   Woooooooooooooot.    I guess nothing is set in stone until we have keys in our hands, but as of now  . . we have a closing date of December 13th.   Building starts first week of September!  

I will share more details on that as things progress and move along because right now I am still holding my breath & everything feels a little 'too good to be true'.     Trying to keep optimistic though!    I think we have earned this. 

With that said, my head has been in such a whirlwind with 'to dos' and 'to don'ts'.   Don'ts?   Yeah, probably not a word.    We are currently renting a 1200 sq foot house.   We all have bedrooms sure & the house is fine  . . but I'm getting claustrophobic AND more than anything  . . I am DYING to decorate.  To change things as I please  ..  and I surely cannot wait to be able to do that without asking anyone (Except maybe the husband, maybe.).    So, what I have been doing to keep me occupied, to keep me from shopping, to keep me from putting any money into my current rental, to keep me from going crazy . . etc etc etc , is filling my time with new projects that I will tuck aside and bring to the new house.   So, I am blogging right now so that I can get back into the routine of doing so & to start sharing my progress of everything!   I just tackled learning how to do some basic sewing and making a bunch of colorful pillow covers!   Next on my to do list is to reupholster some awesome Craigslist chairs I scored.    Very excited & petrified to do those.    Somewhere in the mix of projects, I am also trying to COMPLETELY declutter this house before we move.  I refuse to bring anything unnecessary with me.    We'll see how that goes.  

& ah, I also need to start picking up my camera occasionally.   Poor thing has dust bunnies on it.   Instagram has just made it way to easy to use my phone for quick captures and with a 3 and a 4 year old, everything seems to be quickly captured or forever lost, lol.  

That's the scoop for now & I shall return!   :)

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