Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Updates galore!

Where were we?

Oh yeah, ball full of nerves.  That's right.    So we are now less than 30 days from completion on the new house!   This week begins carpentry trim & painting.   So all of our baseboards, doors, & cabinets will be installed.    O_O    Scary close.  

Last time you saw our 'house' it looked like this. 
& then there was this:
& then  .. 

& NOW  ..  

Yep, it's definitely coming along!   I don't know if we are supposed to or not, but we did go tip toeing through it and boy, am I ever in love!    I am most excited for the extra space.    So, continuing to cross my fingers that everything moves along extra smooth.  More updates to come soon!

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