Monday, August 13, 2012

House update!

Okay, okay.   So . . the nervous side of me was thinking I wouldn't share much info until the night before closing, but the loud mouth side of me just wants to share what we have in store for us.    I mentioned before that we have begun the home buying process and are under contract.   Welp, we are 'building' in a new subdivision!   It's fully custom building or anything fancy shmancy, but we got to pick our plan from a selection and we got to choose finishes such as flooring, countertops, cabinet color, wall color, etc etc.    So  . . I am pretty over the moon!    Hopefully I am not jinxing myself.   I have a love/hate relationship with Google because I have googled until I could google no more about house buying.   I have read umpteen horror stories about loans falling through and this & that.   Scary stuff!   Ah well, we've already took the plunge  . . so time for me to just breathe & let it takes its course. 

Okay  . . so this is the plan we chose:

There was a 4 bedroom in our price range also, but we chose the 3 bedroom for certain reasons that I will share later!   I have SO many ideas  . . and I want to just rave on about them right now, but it would ruin everything.     I can't wait to share and update before & afters!

In the meantime, I can share the process!  The subdivision does a first come, first serve basis on the lot picking.   Which was a selling point in itself  . . because we just happened to step in right before new lots were up for grabs and got first dibs on a pretty sweet 90x150 lot!    Might be small to some, but here in suburbia  . . we are overly ecstatic.   Our current yard is just half of this and we actually thought it was a big yard.

Every couple weeks or so we take a little ride over to the subdivision to see if anything new has happened.    It started completely empty, then there were property line markings put in place, then there was a permit sign, etc.    All little things, but every time we see that anything at all is different were all 'AH LOOK!'   O_O.       So this was a month ago, we rode by and noticed that some of the lot had been cleared where the house will go!   Before I could really express any emotion about it, Josh was out on the lot exploring.  

Please forgive my cell pics!   As more starts to develop, I will bringing along my real camera! 

Then this past weekend  . . we decided to take another peek at the house after visiting our loan officer and receiving our approval (YEY!).   To our surprise  . . 

This one really got us going!   There's the shape of our home!    I am ready to pack my bags and live on that dirt slab.    ;) 

This is the framing for the foundation, which according to the builders' website starts the 45 day process!   Oh my word.    I also snapped this picture: 
Which I know it is hard to tell depth from, but this is the yard.   I was standing in the back corner of the future yard, so to the right side  ..  will be one side yard and equal on the opposite side of the house too.   

I am so pumped, nervous, scared, happy, ecstatic, thankful, overwhelmed, etc etc etc.   I am pretty sure the emotions are endless.  I have always been the type to keep my guard up until I KNOW that something is set in stone, so I have my days where I am negative and saying  . . this isn't going to happen, something is going to go wrong.   Then I have my days where I am saying  . .  this is all lined up and meant to be!   All uber excited and ready to sell all of my furniture and jump the gun of packing my bags.   I guess the whirlwind of emotions is part of the package.   I will share more soon  . . because hopefully the ball will continue to roll!   I am pretty thrilled to have progress pictures!  

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