Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Good storage buy!

Super excited about a purchase I made over the weekend! I am gradually trying to buy, refinish, make .. storage solutions for throughout my house. Next on my list is my linen closet. I basically just have it filled with folded towels, blankets, pillows, but I would like to conceal some of those things. So I set out on a mission.

I found these simple canvas bins from Walmart. 2 pack for $13.97! The measurements seemed right where I needed them to be and they are lidded!

Well, I did free site to store shipping and the husband just picked these up for me. I am pleasantly surprised! For such a bargain, I knew I was taking a risk that they would be flimsy. However . . I pulled out the package ..

& popped them together in all of two seconds. The fabric is a nice thick canvas and they feel very sturdy and structured! The size is also very generous . . perfect for sheets and such. Score!

I am pretty sure .. at that price, I will be ordering more for my master closet. Linen closet makeover to come soon! :)

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