Saturday, December 10, 2011

We welcome .. the reward jar!

So, with Christmas right around the corner, I am forever seeing all of these toy deals .. for which we have too many of! How can I pass them up!? I can't. I had to get creative. I really enjoy shopping for my kids, naturally . . but they are now to the age (2 and 3!) that I need to show that rewards, like new toys, are much sweeter when they are earned. Since I have been having some troubles teaching Ian why he needs to pick up his room, I figured .. a reward jar could be a great solution! Helps me give to them while teaching a lesson at the same time. Win win.

So . . holiday sales were perfect for this! I scored some great deals on additions to our collections. We have a quite a few collections and this should also help us add on . . in a reasonable manner.

So I snatched up a cute jar from, you guessed it . . Hobby Lobby. With their 50% glassware sale it was only $6. :) It's a good size jar with a wide mouth so that we won't have any problem putting things in and taking them back out. I loaded it up with mini playdohs, Squinkies, GoGo Crazybones, Littlest Pets, stickers & more.

Since we had a good day and they didn't give daddy any trouble with brushing their teeth, I let them go ahead and give the reward jar a whirl

& he chose . .

My plan is to let them choose one reward a day, granted we have a good day. I am planning to make a 'chore' chart next that will go hand in hand with our reward jar. More of that to come soon!

PS - I should probably start a rewards system for MYSELF. ;)

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