Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Oh boy. Try not to judge me .. too harshly!

Okay, I will post these pics knowing . . I will be judged. Without a doubt , my bedroom is a disaster right now. Just know that I DO clean and it does not always look this way, but clearly my bedroom is lacking organization so that's why it keeps ending back up this way.

Also . . I am crafter who lacks a home for her crafts. Changes will be made! Actually as I was resizing these pictures and looking at my room from a different point of view my brain was already forming some ideas and taking notes of areas to organize. So I am pretty excited to take this challenge!

Bare with me because in order to get a full shot of my bedroom I had to switch to my kit lens & it's a rainy day so I know .. the quality of these pictures is awful. *hides in corner* Here are my master bedroom befores!

From the entrance . . my bedroom at a full glance. It doesn't look like an episode of Hoarders, but it's coming.

Ah . . husbands side of the bed & also my 'office' area which is basically just a jumbled mess.

My side of the bed . . & more randoms piled or tossed where the don't belong. *shame face*

Oh , surprise .. a ridiculous nightstand drawer & even the bin is filled with randoms. :/

Would ya look at that! MORE CRAP. My husbands two book bags . . one with a laptop (that needs to be sold!) and the other filled with his beloved Magic the Gathering cards, lol. Also . . look at my random ceiling medallion. & my poor TV stand. Ah, I'm cringing at my own mess right now.

& then .. *cries* a peek into my closet. There's even more mess on the floor . . shoes overflowing out of a basket, a huge mirror thats waiting to be painted & hung in my living room. Boy oh boy.

Deep breath, Ashley. The point of this is to show myself that this does not have to be this way & to fix it. I can say hands down . . my bedroom is the worst room of the house. (At least that's on my side!) Since I don't have an office or nice crafting basement space . . or even a nook, my poor bedroom seems to collect everything that doesn't really have a home. I'm confident that I can do better than this though. Can't wait to share my progress and to dedicate a month to making this room peaceful!


  1. :) It's so hard to keep everything organized isn't it?

  2. I'm doing the challenge this month too with my bedroom. Good luck, I can't wait to see the progress!