Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Brainstorming on Chloe's new room!

It's safe to say  ..  I am addicted to Pinterest.   (Who isn't?)    Since we started the house buying process, I have been pinning it up room by room!   Ready for lots of new changes!    With that, I will be turning my 3 year old's toddler girl room into more of a 'big' girl room.   By big, I just mean  . . we're swapping the toddler bed for a twin.   This room is definitely staying baby girl style for as long as possible.   ;)  

Right now, her room is somewhat themeless, but loosely based around Pottery Barn's Penelope theme.    It's okay, but meh.   I'm ready to get my hands dirty and really put some effort into her new room!   I am going oldschool, vintage, shabby chic with it!   I decided to sit down and toy with Polyvore for a bit to get a glimpse of my ideas so far.  

& voila!

That gorgeous bed (that I sort of piled stuff on top of, oops) is from PBTeen.   However  ..  it has an ever so lovely price tag of $700.     So, it is just my inspiration.   Well, the whole board is just inspiration at the moment  . . but you get the idea!   Chloe has been consistently asking for a 'flower' room, so I think with all of the roses & such  . . this should be a win win.    

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